The Artificially Sweetened Times

   The Artificially Sweetened Times is a special edition, 8 " x 11", 24 page booklet designed to educate the public on the artificial sweeteners aspartame and neotame. Topics covered include:

  • a timeline of aspartame's discovery and the politics surrounding its approval
  • what we know about aspartame from scientific safety studies
  • what we know about the biological/physical effects of consuming aspartame
  • the history of refined sugar(s) and its link to slavery
  • excerpts from an aspartame Material Safety Data Sheet
  • real life stories of the devastating effects of aspartame poisoning
  • resources for further research and networking
  • guidelines for activism

We are projecting that this timeless periodical will be reprinted several times until these artificial sweeteners are eventually removed from the marketplace.

The Artificially Sweetened Times has a cover price of $1. We encourage you to put them in store fronts on consignment and distribute them at community meetings.

You can view the entire text of The Artificially Sweetened Times on the internet at the following web link: asptimes.pdf

The Artificially Sweetened Times, is currently out of print.

The Material Safety Data Sheet on aspartame is available online here -