Activism: Strike a Blow for Health Freedom
Meryl Dorey

Vaccine Awareness Week
[Nov 13-Nov 19, 2022]
     November 2022 by NVIC
The 2022 Vaccine Awareness Week is almost here! This event is dedicated to raising awareness about vaccination, health, and informed consent and begins Sunday, Nov. 13, and continues through Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022. In its 13th year, Vaccine Awareness Week 2022 is cosponsored by the charitable non-profit National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and holistic health pioneer Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of

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Annual Global Event
World Anti-Vaccination Day - WAVD - 11th November - 11.11am
This is the only Annual Global Anti-Vaccination Event that we can all rally around, as a focal point, as One United Global Voice!

Please urgently share the enthusiasm for 11/11 WAVD - for the sake of children and our future!

It relies on every individual to self-organise local events, and put it firmly on the map.

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World Freedom Declaration

We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), an attempt to implement the public health equivalent of a “one-world government” in violation of individual nations’ and citizens’ inalienable rights and sovereignty.

Read and/or sign the declaration

Stop the mandates!
Show your support for our armed forces.

Freedom of Religion-United Solutions (FOR-US) has partnered with concerned service members to tackle how the COVID-19 vaccine mandate puts the nation’s future in peril. Our military stand to lose everything; their pensions, health insurance, right to a military burial, etc. if discharged for not complying. [sign the form]

Law Suit filed in Federal Court
Nationwide Injunction prohibiting all forms of discrimination based upon vaccination status.

Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI)
Sign support at bottom of page.

The Vaccine Bill of Rights

... prevent people from being intimidated or pressured into taking experimental vaccines.

Vaccines Revealed: The Threat Of Mandatory Vaccines Is Coming...
This time it will be Adults and Children.
Information, signup to watch the 9 part docu-series free, or purchase DVDs

In Loving Memory of Warrior Sallie O. Elkordy who was one of a kind!
Donate to her Memorial Fund

Petition to end Mandatory Vaccinations.
We, the undersigned, assert that mandatory vaccinations are in violation of: (long list)
Citizens Against Mandatory Vaccinations By Laura Hayes

Stop health authorities claiming that vaccines are ‘safe’ [] This petition is neither pro- nor anti-vaccination. It aims instead to show health professionals, health authorities and governments the public desire for greater honesty over the communication of scientific knowledge about vaccine safety prior to vaccination consent being given.

Join Forces with the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance
European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP)
Join the NVIC Advocacy Portal and see what is happening regarding legislation in your state. Help write letters, email or phone your representatives. ClickHere

Spreading the message through the nations schools:

Support a constitutional amendment to protect child-parent relationship from unreasonable government intrusion:

Legislative Alerts -