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What is immunity?
What contributes to immunity?
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Overview of Immunity (This page)

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Introduction to Vaccination    Sanitation  
90% of contagious Disease Mortality Disappeared Before Vaccination
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What is immunity?

  This a nice mouse story:
A scientist took a group of mice and noted that about 50% died of infectious disease. Over a period of generations, the diet of the mice was improved. Each improvement of diet lowered the percentage of mice dying of infectious disease. Eventually the scientist found a diet which lowered the mice's death from infectious disease to zero.

This is both safe and effective real 'herd' immunity. What does this mouse story teach us about human immunity?
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If mice are immunized by good diet, what do humans need for immunity?

First, let us mentally step back in time about 250 years and imagine the circumstances in a typical large city.

  • Garbage, dead animals, abundant animal waste and often human waste were thrown into the streets to rot.

  • Where sewers existed, the pipes were fragile, broke easily and leaked into low pressure drinking water supply pipes.

  • Diet was often very limited in variety.   Some seasons of the year, no fresh food was available.

  • Hygiene consisted of a yearly bath.

  • Poorer people lived in overcrowded and poorly ventilated homes.
These conditions started changing about 1750 but persisted to a degree well into the 1900's.

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What did we do? What did we learn about immunity?

  • Immunity was improved by cleaning stables.

  • Immunity was improved by cleaning streets.

  • Immunity was improved by cleaner air in better ventilated buildings.

  • Immunity was improved by better plumbing which kept sewer water from mixing with drinking water.

  • Immunity was improved by providing fresh food year around.

  • Immunity was improved by improved hygiene.

  • Immunity was improved by improved insect control.

   Every improvement brought about lower infectious disease incidence, lessened severity of disease symptoms and fewer deaths.

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What is immunity?
Given that some infectious diseases virtually disappeared (plague and scarlet fever) and other infectious diseases were greatly reduced in both incidence and severity before the introduction of vaccines we will define:

Immunity:   is a state of health characterized by "a clean blood stream that is well nourished."

A study of the history of how infectious diseases disappeared will show anyone from either side of the vaccine controversy that Sanitation and Nutrition are the prime factors in immunization.

It is obvious that for human bodies to be immune, both external and internal conditions of sanitation (cleanliness) must exist. To be clear, we are saying that natural immunity exists and this natural immunity exists in everyone who maintains a healthy balanced cell chemistry in their body without need to have had either a specific disease or specific vaccination.

Can a vaccine which introduces filth into a body improve immunity?
Or is the best immunity and health achieved without vaccines?

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Spectrum of possible vaccination benefit
You have been introduced to the concept that immunization is primarily a benefit of sanitation and nutrition. Before the facts of vaccines and vaccination are introduced, consider the concept of a spectrum of possible vaccine benefit.

  • Extreme right: Vaccine is the 'elixir of life', as far as immunization is concerned, giving 100% of the freedom from infectious diseases we today enjoy . This is of course impossible.

  • Center: The center of possibilities is of course that vaccines would be both worthless and harmless. This can be the case only if vaccines would be made of a 'perfect' placebo.

  • Extreme left: Total harm as might occur if a vaccine were made of a deadly poison which causes instant death. Fortunately, this possibility is not marketed.

Such a spectrum would look like this:
Total Harm<...............-0+...............>Elixir of Life.
    Continue to find out where the facts place vaccination in this spectrum.

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Forward to Introduction to Vaccination

In order to assist others in acquiring a basic understanding of the vaccination issue and answer questions about vaccine need, vaccine effectiveness and vaccine safety we offer an "Introduction to Vaccines"

Warning: the Introduction is broken into 5 parts. Each part contains several graphs. If you have a regular telelphone line modem each page may take more than 1 minute to load.

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