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Statutes/L A W S
Tennessee State specific information

Link to state law.
National Vaccine Information Center:
NVIC link to state law.

For additional help with exemptions, birth plan, etc questions:
Check our Vaccination Liberation State Chapter and other resource organizations located in your state.

If your state specific help is not available, Contact us.

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Medical  &  Religious


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Finding Physicians friendly to non-vaccination or alternate schedules

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Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?
Pro Claims vs Anti Claims

History of Vaccines

Table of State Vaccination Exemptions for Children Entering Public Schools

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Begin New Born Birthing Plan and Birth Exemptions
Tennessee State specific New Born Exemption Information.
None at this time.


BirthExemptions  |   Birthing_Plans  |   Vitamin_K  |   Hepatitis_B  |   Eyedrops  |   Newborn_Screening

Birth Exemptions:

For those who are planning a hospital birth but want to evade invasive routine post natal procedures such as a Hep B shot, vitamin K injection, newborn screening, or the application of silver nitrate in the newborn's eyes, a very specific birthing plan must be submitted to the hospital in advance of the birth. Hospital staff must be informed, in advance, of your needs, wants and desires where your baby and birthing experience are concerned. The same applies to midwives.


  • Create the Birthplan. Or modify one of our ours to fit your state laws and any other personal circumstances. (see below)
  • Sign the birthplan in front of a Notary.
  • Submit the birth plan to your hospital or midwife. Keep a couple extra copies in case plans change.
  • Make sure affected parties (doctors, nurses, etc) understand your requirements and wishes.
  • Plan on having one or two trusted persons stay with the mother and child to watch the child at all times while in the hospital, so no unwanted injections are given the baby.
  • The birth plan arrangements and letter should be turned in before delivery date.
  • The "Refusal to Permit Medical Treatment" form below is optional.
  • The "Refusal to Register Live Birth" form below is also optional.

Tennessee State specific information Birth Plans
None at this time.

(To be used with hospitals and/or midwives)

(Links to model birth plan letters)

Model Birth Plan Letter for Hospital Births. You can attach an exemption from immunizations. In some states, there are religious exemptions from newborn screening tests such as PKU, etc...

Information on the Dangers of Hospital Birth and the Benefits of Home Birth from

Our best and most itemized birthplan:
Word-Document (.doc) birthplan-itemized.doc  |   PDF-Document (.pdf) birthplan-itemized.pdf

(HTML) BirthPlan-Itemized for reading on screen. Includes handy small dictionary of terms in the document.

Word-Document (.doc) Model Letter for Hospital Births (Model11425.doc)

Model Birth Plan Letter for Hospital Births. This one is more detailed.

Word-Document (.doc) Model letter for hospital births 2.doc (11426)

Model Birth Plan Letter for Hospital Births for an adopted child...
Model letter for hospital births for adoptions -- Dear Doctor and Medical Staff.doc (11427)
Word-Document (.doc) Model letter for hospital births for adoptions.doc

The birth plan arrangements and letter should be turned in before delivery date.
This "Refusal to Permit Medical Treatment" form below is optional.

Tennessee State specific information Medical Treatment Refusal
None at this time.

GENERAL INFORMATION (Medical Refusal Forms and Affidavit)

"Refusal to Permit Medical Treatment" form
A generic form.
PDF-file (.pdf) letters/refusal_treatment.pdf

It would be good idea to use the AFFIDAVIT below AND a model birth plan letter from above above.
Affidavit - Birth Exemptions
HTML (simple text) Affidavit to modify.

AFFIDAVIT in Microsoft Word Word-Document (.doc) format. (may be modified)

If your Title and Paragraph number of your state law is not pasted to the left, click here for the link to your state law.

Affidavit: Definition and some terms.

Tennessee State specific information Vitamin K
None at this time.


1. Make an informed choice as far ahead of birth as possible.

2. See the Black box warning in the FDA Package Insert for the Injection.

3. Know your options: Pre-Birth Diet, Oral Vitamin K, or synthetic Vitamin K Injection.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K Injection...

The Question of Vitamin K for Newborns
"Essentially all human infants are born with very low blood levels of vitamin K and, since low amounts of vitamin K crosses into breast milk, levels remain low for several weeks after birth in breastfed babies. The purpose of this natural, universal experience of low vitamin K levels in newborns is not known. ..."
"Mouse and epidemiologic studies indicate that the neonatal “deficiency” of vitamin K, which promotes cell turnover, may actually protect the developing fetus from damaging substances that “escape the primary placental screen.”
Read the rest of the article here:

The prescribing information on Vitamin K shot states that fatalities are an adverse reaction according to the Merck pharmaceutical package insert.


"The injectable form of vitamin K can rarely cause severe (sometimes fatal) allergic reactions when given by injection into a muscle or vein. Therefore, vitamin K should be injected into a muscle or vein only when it cannot be given by injection under the skin or taken by mouth, or when your doctor has judged that the benefit is greater than the risk. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction such as rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, or trouble breathing."
Potential exists for the newborn to experience hypersensitivity to any component of this medication.
Each milliliter contains: Phytonadione .. 2 mg or 10 mg
Inactive ingredients:
Polyoxyethylated fatty acid derivative .... 70 mg
Dextrose................................... 37.5 mg
Water for Injection, q.s. .................. 1 mL
Added as preservative: Benzyl alcohol .... 0.9%

Links to prescribing information for Vitamin K:

Archive: Year 2002 Merck Vitamin K Package Insert - Aquamephyton PI | posted on Scribd

My daughter's Vitamin K injection injury Chairwoman and all ...
One Woman's experience: [PDF]

Alternatives to Vitamin K Prophylaxis...

Although oral vitamin K is not licensed for use as a drug by the FDA, drops for oral administration are available. Typically, one drop contains 2 mg. of vitamin K. Contact a midwife in your area, or a birthing supply company (such as, or Scientific Botanicals (206 527-5521) where your health care provider can order liquid vitamin K directly.

Here's another much safer alternative that your chiropractor or naturopath can order for you.


Or buy direct from

Good article with links to sources of oral and natural vitamin K

A good organic whole food diet along with lots of leafy green vegetables is all that is necessary to prevent vitamin K deficiency in newborns.

More Information:
Daily Med - Package Insert:

VRM: First Strike – The Dark Side of The Vitamin K Shot

Informed Consent Defense (2020 Pilot Survey)
Wonderful Graphs comparing various unvaccinated vs vaccinated disease rates for vaccines and Vitamin K at birth PDF 4.8MB

Tennessee State specific information Hepatitis B
None at this time.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Most states now require the Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns. Many parents are also cornered by emergency room personnel during accident visits. Hospitals nationally are under pressure to utilize every opportunity to score a "hit." If your pediatrician understands your views, get him involved with the hospital. As a last resort, protect your right to receive quality care in by asking hospital personal to sign the following waiver. Usually, you'll never find anybody in the hospital to sign this simple form, but you well get relief from demands to vaccinate your child.

"I certify that the (Name of Vaccine)________ vaccine being administered to (Name of Child)_________ is free from all known and yet unknown zoonotic or human viruses or viral fragments and will not cause acute or chronic illness in the recipient due to viral contamination or as a reaction to the components of this vaccine. (Signature of Physician and Date)_________."

If you do get a signature, hold on to the form.

See Birth Plans for more information on avoiding Hep B Vaccination at birth

Tennessee State specific information Eyedrops
None at this time.

Eyedrops: General

Some states require Prophylaxis against Gonococcal OPHTHALMIA NEONATORUM.

A discussion of medical and legal issues regarding Silver Nitrate in the eyes of the newborn is here:
PDF file: Statutory Law USA: Requiring Silver Nitrate in Eyes of Newborns at:
Written by Dr. Ronald B. Standler, attorney in Massachusetts and consultant

Blog type discussion of pros and cons of eyedrops for newborn is here:

Tennessee State specific information New Born Screening

Tennessee: New Born Screening

IMPORTANT! Please download this if you're expecting a child or know someone who is!
This proves to the hospital that religious exemption is "allowed" for newborn screening in Tennessee.

The form states that you acknowledge that by refusing the newborn screening for religious reasons that you are COMMITTING A MISDEMEANOR:
I have been informed that state law requires this testing and that violation of the law is a misdemeanor.

Nonetheless, I refuse these tests at this time for my newborn baby
_________________________ because such test conflicts with my religious tenets and practices.

Under penalty of perjury, I affirm such refusal because of a conflict with my religious tenets and practices.
Metabolic/Genetic Newborn Screening Program In Tennessee
1200-15-01-.01 TESTS.
(1) Exemptions for religious beliefs. Nothing in this part shall be construed to require the testing of or medical treatment for the minor child of any person who shall file with the Department of Health a signed, written statement that such tests or medical treatment conflict with such person’s religious tenets and practices, affirmed under penalties of perjury pursuant to T.C.A. § 68-5-403. The newborn screening refusal form provided by the State should be completed, filed with the Department and retained in the medical record for the period of time defined by the hospital or provider policy.

If a parent refuses the newborn screening blood test provide them with the Newborn Screening Refusal Form (PH-3686 )

New Born Screening: General

U.S. states now require screening of newborn babies for specific diseases.

Conditions and legal status of "requirement" of newborn to be screened for each state:
National Newborn Screening Status Report

Newborn Genetic Screening Privacy Laws
(includes links to laws for various states)
Archived Copy:

Newborn screening From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Federal NewBorn Screening Law

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Waivers: Read - Modify or Do Not Sign
Tennessee State specific information Waivers
None at this time.

Waivers - Take Care In Signing
If you take your new baby to an MD as opposed to a naturopath and/or chiropractor, please be aware of and careful of any forms you sign.

Our WARNING below is about signing (some) state approved and AAP created forms. See this letter from our director, Ingri Cassel, before you consider signing waiver forms.


To ALL who choose to partially vaccinate or NOT vaccinate their children:

We (here in Idaho) are hearing more reports of schools and daycares across our state not honoring legal and valid vaccine exemptions. The following article contains very important information as to why you do NOT want to sign AAP's (state adopted) exemption form: ...

Filing a NO Vaccination Notice – for patients, employees and students (Your_Choice)

Older letter regarding exemptions in Idaho (similar to many states today)

Dear VacLib Members and Friends -

Wanted to give you all a heads up on state issued exemption forms. I haven't had to deal with this personally for several years, and I always crossed out sentences or clauses, and often adding some of my own, before signing their exemption of medical release type of forms. When Donna Carrillo began to diligently search out existing exemption forms and posting them, I read over a couple of them and encouraged people to make up their own whenever possible. After having a "closer encounter" with such a form - a form provided to the state of Idaho by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and used by licensed Idaho daycares, I was shocked into the VERY REAL danger of signing these forms without changing them significantly.

Any form one affixes their initials to, dates and affixes their signature to at the end is a LEGAL document. All statements prior to your signature you must agree to fully OR restrict your signature to say that you are signing under TDC - threat, duress, and coercion. The form that my daughter was told she needed to fill out for this daycare is posted here: ChildCareExemptForm.pdf. On this form, she crossed out all the "nots" and in her personal statement she further clarified that she understands fully the risks of vaccinating her child.

I have since found out that most public schools and daycares in other states also use a similar form. Basically, by initialing and signing this form as is, you are admitting to understanding that "vaccine preventable" diseases are extremely deadly and ALSO admitting to negligence for willfully denying your son/daughter the life saving protection that vaccines offer. These forms are MEANT to not only be intimidating but to catch the legally ignorant off guard. This is very serious to me since all states have adopted the federally funded Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act which gives states the right to literally steal your children for up to 48 hours -- the time they have to prove child neglect OR abuse.

If it were ME, I would insist that they accept a form that I provide them since it satisfies the law. If there are any problems or they insist on me using their form, I would cite the law and ask the school or daycare provider where it actually says in state statute that this particular form is the only form that will satisfy the law. Since your parental rights are at stake here, it is best to be vigilant and err on the side of being overly cautious.

A modified AAP form is posted here that you may wish to use with your doctor: AAPmodified.htm

AAPmodified.doc MSWord .DOC file  |   AAPmodified.pdf PDF file, best for printing.

Not all State employees are aware of the law and many exhibit the Hitler Complex. Take a firm stand. Some individuals have had difficulty getting the required forms. Such arrogance on the part of State employees should be reported to the Director of your state Department of Health.

See: [archive] Why Signing a Waiver to Avoid Vaccines Can Be Considered Abuse
She is referring to the Refusal To Vaccinate From developed by The American Academy of Pediatrics, not a regular religious or conscientious exemption letter or form.

Black's Law Dictionary - Sixth Edition - the definition of Affidavit. This is the dictionary used by the American Bar Association and all judges/magistrates/attorneys.

Affidavit - A written or printed declaration or statement of facts, made voluntarily, and confirmed by oath or affirmation of the party making it, taken before a person having authority to administer such oath or affirmation. [notary]

Warning: Any affidavit we supply is a suggestion or template for you to modify to fit your beliefs or understanding of facts. The "facts" are those of the person signing the affidavit.
Some definitions for terms on AFFIDAVIT:

Further Affiant Saith Not

Affiant: a person who makes an affidavit.

Saith: A third person singular present tense of say.

Sui Juris: having full legal capacity to act on one's own behalf : not subject to the authority of another

Propria Persona: In ones own proper person.

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Tennessee State specific information LETTERS FORMS AFFIDAVITS
None at this time.

Letters Forms Affidavits (General)

Affidavit Index for all Ages: Affidavit Index

Links to Model birth plan letters (above).

Link to Refusal to Permit Medical Treatment form

Links to Affidavit - Birth

An Adult Affidavit, with Christian beliefs, is here. (MSDOC file) Feel free to modify as needed.

Dr. Tenpenny had the following forms on her web site. (Now Archived) The forms are generic and may be used in any state. Check any references that might need updating.

Affidavit for Parents Participating in International Adoption (Word) (pdf)
Hep B vaccine in hospital for newborn refusal, sample (pdf)
OSHA Declination Statement Form (also, pdf)
Religious exemption letter that was approved in Florida (Word) (pdf)
School Vaccine Exemption Form, sample (Word) (pdf)
TB testing refusal, sample (pdf)
Childcare and School Immunization Requirements

Sample Vaccine Letters. from archived on

Short Sample Vaccine Letter

Most states now require the Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns. Many parents are also cornered by emergency room personnel during accident visits. Hospitals nationally are under pressure to utilize every opportunity to score a "hit." If your pediatrician understands your views, get him involved with the hospital. As a last resort, protect your right to receive quality care in the following manner. (Usually, you'll never find anybody in the hospital to sign this simple form):

"I certify that the (Name of Vaccine)________ vaccine being administered to (Name of Child)_________ is free from all known and yet unknown zoonotic or human viruses or viral fragments and will not cause acute or chronic illness in the recipient due to viral contamination or as a reaction to the components of this vaccine. (Signature of Physician and Date)_________."

If you do get a signature, hold on to the form.

The ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY is imperative in exercising your rights for legal exemptions from forced medical experimentation and legalized bioterrorism. DO be prepared to fight for your baby's rights!
An index page to various Acceptance of Responsibility) forms is here:

Religious exemption forms will be listed below under Daycare Schools Colleges

Did not find your state exemption form on our site?
Then try this link to forms for all 50 states and D. of Columbia.

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DayCare - Preschool - Schools - Colleges
Tennessee State specific information
DayCare  |   Preschool  |   K thru 12  |   Colleges


See Tennessee Forms below


See Tennessee Forms below

Kindergarten & Schools

See Tennessee Forms below

Tennessee Forms
Children with medical or religious exemption to requirements

Medical - Physicians (MD or DO) or Public Health Nurses are authorized to indicate specific vaccines medically exempted (because of risk of harm) on the certificate. Other vaccines remain required. The medical reason for the exemption does not need to be provided.

Religious - This exemption requires a signed statement by the parent/guardian that vaccination conflicts with their religious tenets or practices. If the child needs documentation of a health examination for the school, it must be noted by the healthcare provider on the immunization certificate. In that case, the provider should check the box in section 1a. that the parent has sought a religious exemption to explain why immunization information is absent or incomplete. Source: childcare-12th-grade-immunization-requirements.html

State Form Required: Yes. TCA 49-6-5001(b)(2) Green Official TN Certificate of Religious Exemption. However, some schools have accepted letters from parents, and some schools have their own exemption form.

Model Nice clean short form - Use where accepted:
STATE OF TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION / Model Form Religious Exemption from Vaccination(s) ED-5379

Fill a sample form online

Childcare – 12th Grade Immunization Requirements

Immunization Program, Registry, etc.


Religious Exemption Letter. In some districts, you may be required to get the Official Tennessee Certificate of Religious Exemption. It's a green form. However,you may use this letter to give the health dept to obtain the green form, if necessary.
Tennessee religious exemption letter.doc (5226) religious exemption letter.doc

AFFIDAVIT for Tennessee Older Child below...
Can be used for daycare, preschools and schools, edit as needed and appropriate for your beliefs.

I/We, _________________________, Sui Juris, Free, Natural Flesh and Blood Human Being(s), state Citizen(s) of the Pennsylvania Republic affirm: Be it known to all courts, governments, and other parties that:

Being a person of Strong Christian Morals, it is against my Deep, Sincerely Held, Religious Convictions to accept the injection of any foreign substance into my Body or the Body of my Children. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all, Vaccinations, Shots, Tests for Diseases, Oral Vaccines, Epidermal Patches and in any other way that Live or Killed Bacterium, Viruses, Pathogens, Germs, or any other Microorganisms, may be introduced into or upon my body or any of my children's bodies.

This written statement to exempt my child from any immunizations, TB testing, and other shots/injections, because I hold genuine and sincere personal religious beliefs which are inconsistent with these medical procedures and experimentation. The practice of vaccination and the injection of any foreign substance is contrary to my conscientiously held religious beliefs and practices, and violates the free exercise of my religious principles.

The attenuated virus used to produce the Rubella vaccine (RA27/3) was obtained from an aborted fetus and then cultivated on fetal tissue from another aborted baby (WI-38) and is also in the rubella portion of the MMR-II vaccine. The Chickenpox vaccine containing WI-38, MRC-5 and Hepatitis-A vaccine (MRC-5) were obtained from human babies that were electively aborted. A conflict arises because my religious convictions are predicated on the belief that all life is sacred. God's commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill" applies to the practice of abortion. The acceptance of these vaccines promotes abortion and violates the Sixth Commandment of "Thou Shall Not Kill". The Hepatitis-B vaccine protects against a disease that is only transmitted through multiple sexual partners or street IV drug users and therefore usurps my parental authority to condemn such activity in my child. The acceptance of this vaccine promotes sexual promiscuity and immoral behavior in direct contradiction to the teachings of our faith.

(We / I) {First and Last name(s)}, as the {(parent (s) / guardian(s)}of _________________________(name of child) are/am exercising our rights under the First Amendment of the US Constitution and Tennessee Statutes TCA 49-6-5001 (b)(2) to receive Religious Exemption from Vaccination.

Applicable law has been interpreted to mean that a religious belief is subject to protection even though no religious group espouses such beliefs or the fact that the religious group to which the individual professes to belong may not advocate or require such belief. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended Nov. 1, 1980; Part 1605.1-Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Religion.

Our legal rights are guaranteed by the free exercise clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Recent court decisions have upheld the rights of individuals seeking exemptions from immunizations based upon personal and religious reasons. On the U.S. Supreme Court level in Frazee V. Illinois Dept. of Security, 489 U.S. 829, it was found that a state may not deny an exemption simply because a person is not a member of a formal religious organization.

Our Creator Yahweh and the Lord Jesus Christ is the only source of protection of my body and that of my family that I can accept.

I affirm that vaccination & injections of any foreign substances and proteins conflict with my religious beliefs as stated above. Therefore, I would request that you accommodate my religious beliefs and practices by exempting my child from any vaccination or injections of any kind.

Rest assured that my family and I do practice a form of immunization that keeps our immune systems strong and is in keeping with Biblical principles.

Further Affiant Saith Not

The use of notary below is for identification only, and such use does NOT grant any jurisdiction to anyone.

Subscribed and sworn, without prejudice, and with all rights reserved, (Print Name Below)

Principal, by Special Appearance, in Propria Persona, proceeding Sui Juris.

Signature of Affiant


state of Tennessee

county of _________________:

On this _______ day of ______________, 200___, before me

personally appeared __________________________________, to me known to be the person described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged that he executed the same as his free act and deed, for the purposes therein set forth.

        (Notary Public)

My Commission Expires ______________________________, 200___


College Immunization Requirements

East Tennessee State University
Religious Exemption and other Forms:

Tennessee State University

Hepatitis B and Meningococcal Meningitis

Immunization Requirements
The state of Tennessee requires students entering colleges, universities, and technical institutes with enrollment of greater than 200 students to provide proof of two (2) doses of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine on or after the first birthday or proof of immunity to measles.

In compliance with this law, and in an attempt to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment, Tennessee State University requires that all entering students, born after 1957, furnish documented proof of having immunity to measles or having been immunized with two doses of MMR vaccine on or after the first birthday unless contraindicated because of pregnancy, allergy to a vaccine component, or other valid medical reason(s).

The law states that immunizations are not required if they conflict with the parents, or guardians, (or individuals over 18) religious tenets and practices, affirmed under the penalties of perjury.They are also not required if a qualified physician shall certify that administration of such immunization would be in any manner harmful to the child involved. (TCA Section 49-6-5001).

The University of Memphis
Hepatitis B - Meningitis Immunization Health History Form
The State of Tennessee mandates that The University of Memphis provide information concerning the Hepatitis B infection and Meningococcal disease to all students entering The University of Memphis for the first time. The law does not require that you receive either immunization for enrollment. Student Health Services urges our students to be immunized against Meningococcal Meningitis and Hepatitis B.
ALL new students must complete the Hepatitis B - Meningitis Immunization Health History Form before they can register.

The University of Memphis
MMR & Varicella
See links below for age requirements and requirements for medical or religious reasons.
When immunizations are medically contraindicated, a physician must provide a signed written statement indicating which immunizations are contraindicated and why the immunizations are contraindicated and then uploaded at

Religious exemptions may be requested. An original signed and notarized statement, affirmed under penalties of perjury that the vaccination conflicts with the religious tenets and practices of the student must be submitted to the Student Health Center in-person or by mail.

Online Only exemption reuest to MMR and Varcella

Jackson State Community College
2046 North Parkway, Jackson, TN 38301
(731) 424-3520 (800) 355-5722
Hepatitis B Vaccine Health History & WAIVER

(Jackson State CC) MMR: "You provide a signed statement that your religious tenets and practices prohibit the receipt of any type of immunization (parents must sign if you are under age 18)"

Volunteer State Community College
1480 Nashville Pike
Gallatin, TN 37066
Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver

Vanderbilt University:
Student Health Center | Vanderbilt University
Zerfoss Building, MCN | 1161 21st Ave. S. | Nashville, TN 37232

Hepatitis B Vaccine and Meningitis Waiver Forms.

(.pdf) Hepatitis B Immunization and Waiver Form

Cumberland University Proof of Medical Vaccinations form
Lebanon, TN 37087-3408
... contact the Office of Admissions for a copy of the Medical Vaccination Waiver Form.

Affidavit Index

An Adult Affidavit, with Christian beliefs, is Downloadable here. (MSDOC file) Feel free to modify as needed.

Index of Letters/Affidavit files.

Tennessee State specific information for various Opt-Outs
Not at this time

OptOutRegistry for Vaccines
and various other Opt-Outs

Vaccine Registry Opt-Outs:

Confidentiality of Your Child’s Vaccination Records
FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

     - - - - Other Opt-Outs - - - -:

Birth Certificate and Marriage License Opt-Out:

Did you know that you can REFUSE to sign the hospital birth certificates and that there is no law that requires you to do so?
See: Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates & #SSNs

Military Recruiters:
Opt-Out For Children in public schools to to have information withheld from military recruiters.

STUDENT OPT OUT FORM regarding the
pdf file (.pdf) Archived letter from

Word-Document (.doc) Archived on

Act to Protect Your Privacy from Military Recruiters
Information links and booklets at AFSC site

STUDENT OPT-OUT NOTICE regarding the instruction of sexuality to children:
STUDENT OPT-OUT NOTICE Valid in all 50 states
PDF-file (.pdf)


Tennessee State specific information Employment
Not at this time

General Employment

Suggestions for dealing with Employer Mandates.

Standard Interpretations
09/23/1997 - The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and the Enforcement Procedures for TB.
"Finally, be aware that participation in the employer's skin testing program is voluntary on the part of the employee. OSHA does not require that employees participate in TB skin testing, only that the employer make such skin testing available to employees."
See TB Testing for more information.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Form 3-2283
Hepatitis B Immunization Consent/Refusal Form
PDF-file (.pdf) ARCHIVED:

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Tennessee State specific information TB Testing
Not at this time

General Information: TB and/or Lead Testing

Standard Interpretations
09/23/1997 - The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and the Enforcement Procedures for TB.
"Finally, be aware that participation in the employer's skin testing program is voluntary on the part of the employee. OSHA does not require that employees participate in TB skin testing, only that the employer make such skin testing available to employees."
Generic letter for Exemption to TB Testing:
HTML (text): Exemption-tb-test.html

MS Doc file: Exemption-tb-test.doc

TB and Lead Testing Links:
F L Y E R    LETTER    Exemption_Letters    OSHA_and_TB_test    Tubersol    Treatment    TB_Screening    Alternatives/Additional_Information

The above TB and Lead exemption letters are courtesy of Deirdre DeVane of Wash DC. Thank you Deirdre!
The adult TB letters were edited by Sherri Tenpenny. Thank you Sherri!

TB can be detected by biofeedback machines that are hooked up to a computer, such as the QXCI, Best BioMeridian MSAS (Meridian Stress Assessment) or Electro Dermal Screening, Quantum Life System, and the F-Scan. You will need to ask specifically for a pathogen scan, especially TB. You will also need to request a printout with the results.

Next (below) in Misc are some QXCI and other practitioners. (If known.)

Misc Info and explanation of QXCI - Etc.


(The SCIO and the EPFX are the same device.
It is known as the EPFX in the USA and the SCIO world wide.)
Source: [Now inactive]

National (USA) search on business site for EPFX (QXCI) / SCIO Practitioners.

Use Google or other search engine to find a BioMeridian Practitioner in your area.

If you do not find a practitioner, you can contact the current device manufacturer for the practitioner in your area.

Tennessee specific information Misc/QXCI

QXCI and BioMeridian providers in Tennessee

Tennessee BEST™ BioMeridian Practitioners:
and Meridian Stress Assessment

Mind-Body Medical Center
Stephen L. Reisman, MD
Website Information including contact
Offers a holistic approach to healing including nutrition, uses meridian stress assessment to check for energy imbalances in body.

Contact us if you want to be our supporter in ways other than listed below. Thank you.

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