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First Hand Testimonies of Adverse Vaccine Effects

First Hand Testimonies of Adverse Vaccine Effects

For First Hand Exemption Success stories


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Dear Anti-Vaccination Crusaders:

I would like to offer a testimonial which you may use with my name and affiliation because I definitely believe in the body's ability to withstand infection.

Our mother was a chiropractor and naturopath, and when we were growing up in Southern California she would declare "religious objection" every time we were supposed to get vaccinations. She told me once, "My kids are not pin cushions!" None of my three younger brothers and I ever had a vaccination or a polio sugar cube! I am 51 years of age and have experienced excellent health, with a cold even being a "once a three year" event, if that. My brothers and I never developed any of the diseases for which our peers were given the shots. My husband and I raised our daughter the same way, and she is 26 now and doing extremely well.

In my business of preparing people for disasters, I present a four hour workshop I developed which provides substantial information on natural foods and remedies (such as colloidal silver and oil of oregano) which people should have on hand. Doctors and antibiotics will be in short supply after a major catastrophe so people must be self reliant.

I just thought you would like to add this letter to your collection. If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, just let me know. I support your efforts to educate America!

Carol Camelot
Disaster Survival Training
Palm Desert, California

In 1968, I was 18 years old. I knew by that time I would not vaccinate my future children. One had to really investigate and come from a place of learning that the normal child, adult does not come from. We are brain washed into thinking that we are given truth in the science that we are given. One has to go beyond the normal thinking.

By 1974 I had two beautiful children. I did not vaccinate either one. They are healthy. Today, They are 38 and 36 and they both have 2 children each. My daughter had one of her children vaccinated with one vaccine, meningitis, not all of them, and was sorry that she did. Since then she has decided not to vaccinate. And is in a mothers support group. My sons children have not been vaccinated. The children are healthy. 1 boy 5 yrs, 3 girls, 5, 7, 7 years old.

When I was a child I was vaccinated with polio and smallpox. I have had some health problems since. I also had my teeth fluoridated in school. My parents found out too late what that does to the thyroid and the brain later. Then they were against any fluoridation anything.

More Testimonies for Non-vaccination Equals Good Health.


I received the first of the 3 series of Anthrax Vaccinations in 1990 at McChord AFB as a reservist with 446th AES. Later, but within a close timeline, I went to my physician, suspecting I had cancer because of constant fatigue and other symptoms. She ran a litany of tests, and diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I was discharged from the Air Force Reserves related to injuries to my shoulder from a car accident a few months later. I never made a connection to the Anthrax for my symptoms, although was aware that the pilots in my unit were threatening to resign their commissions and refusing the vaccine.

My memory continued to decrease, and my joints continued to ache. I was tired all the time. In 2013 I was referred to a rheumatologist. I explained to him that I thought my symptoms could be related to the squalene-tainted anthrax I received. He said it didn't really matter where it came from, that the treatment would be the same. I asked him to order the ASA titer to confirm the presence of Squalene in my blood, which he did. After a lot of confusion and telephoning back and forth, the lab tech advised me that while there is an ASA test in a lab in New Orleans, the copyrights to the test itself had been bought from the developer by the 'government' (Dept of Defense?), and that they were not administering the test. Long story short, there was not vehicle for obtaining the test.

Another curious incident occured when I went to the Red Cross to donate blood (about 2011?). I was answering some computer generated screening questions. The question was asked if I had served in the military between 1989 and 2005 (or such similar timeframe). Once I answered yes, I received a screen that said I was not eligible to donate blood. No explanation given.

Autism and Aspergers

I suffered from undiagnosed low-spectrum autism in my youth, brought on by allergic reactions to DPT shots and boosters. I describe my struggles with this condition in Appendix V of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.
(by James Perloff) [excerpts]

Parents Voice: Children's Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination
"I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered."
By June 2011, over 900 comments had been received.

Vaccine Baby Deaths

Our Alexander. In memory of our son, Alexander Horwin
"We have created this website to tell our son's story and to share with other parents the information we have found about pediatric brain tumors and about childhood vaccinations."

"I'm posting this so people will copy, paste, share and do whatever they need to do to get the word out. VACCINE INJURIES ARE REAL.
[Read the rest here, with comments:]

A 17 year old who is disabled from the DT (or TD) shot
What's Killing Me is Killing You, Too
Three years ago, when I was a mere fourteen years old, I had a near-death experience that turned my entire world upside down. Like so many people, I figured that I was young and that I was indestructable, and I "knew" (in my head) that I could die at any time, but I didn't really believe it until it became a reality. The scary thing is that what happened to me could happen to anyone. In fact, it happens to everyone, even if you don't notice it.

Read the rest of this story here.
FLU Shot
Cathy's story should be enough to make anyone prefer the flu over the flu shot.

I was diagnosed finally with "reactive arthritis due to the flu vaccine." I was told I will recover, but very slowly.

Read rest of story here
HEP B Vaccine:
Finding Zacharias A powerful, moving story about the damage wrought on a newborn from the Hep B shot and the now young man's exploration for answers and accountability.

Clinical report on the adverse side effects of a Hepatitis B vaccination on one child.
Side effects include weakness, is not able to hold his neck in position, bulbar palsy and tetraplegic. He required three months in intensive care. See [44K]

case Report: Encephalomyelitis caused by Hepatitis B vaccination by Nino Gulua, M.D., the mother of the child. Dr. Gulua details the poor response given her son's case by the legal authorities. [64K]

Followup story on [458K]

One shot of Hep B shortly after birth = long term adverse effects
Ann and Eric's story

From Nurse
I had a severe reaction to the Hep B vaccination series. I was working for the University ... Medical Center back in 89--93. I received the first shot while I was working my shift one eve. I developed fever of 102°, I was white as a sheet, my body had severe aches, chills. I wanted to go home but we were so short staffed I couldn't.
  Also, I used to be a very strong athletic woman but now have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, psoratic arthritis, have had many other health problems. Just seems odd that I was so healthy but shortly after this shot(weeks) that these things happened. I've had flu shot twice & had reactions, headaches, body aches fever. I refuse the shots now. I am a RN & can only work a few days a month, I am disabled & receive SSD. This is not what I planned for me, I had plans to be a nurse practitioner but don't have the stamina to pursue. I do go on a walk almost everyday but not near anything I used to.

Read Full Article at The Spice of Life Column

Vaccines Part - Two
Eight year old Anna cannot sit without support or cannot walk without braces and a walker. Most of the time she sits in her wheelchair. Anna was left paralyzed after she was injected with MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine at 15 months of age.
In 1993, the US Court of Claims in Washington, DC officially acknowledged that Anna suffered post vaccination encephalopathy following her MMR vaccination as a toddler.

Read Full Article at The Spice of Life Column

Vaccines Part - One
Terry is seven years old and stays alive with the help of a respirator and 24-hour nursing care. He can move his eyes and mouth but he can't move his head. Terry was left paralyzed by vaccine strain polio after swallowing live oral polio vaccine at nine weeks of age.
In 1996, the US Court of Claims in Washington, DC, officially acknowledged that Terry's paralysis was caused by the live polio vaccine he received as a baby.

Rubella vaccine and ITP ( idiopathic immune thrombocytopenic purpura)
Teri wants to warn any pregnant moms who do not have immunity to Rubella.
I was given an injection after the birth of my baby of Rubella vaccine. I developed ITP within 2 weeks. This was reported to VAERS - but I think [mothers are not warned before receiving the shot.] ITP is in the PDR as an adverse reaction for children receiving MMR as well.

[Note: ITP is defined as an autoimmune disease where the body makes antibodies against its own platelets.]

I'm A victim of the Swine Flu shot in 76 and I was in the Army at that time and was TOTALLY paralyzed--It is common sense that this so called swine flu was made by our military--Army RECRUIT dies--Other Army RECRUITS are ill--Get the connection (RECRUITS) All RECRUITS get VACCINATIONS upon entry for all sorts of things,I cannot believe no one has made the connection, its is so obvious COMMON SENSE,

Think about it --it makes sense

Thank you Dan P.--Totally Disabled still 30 years later--Guillan Barre Syndrome

By Jan DeGrandchamp

After the nurse gave me the Tetanus shot, I felt a strange tingling going up the side of my neck, the same side as the injection. While making my payment, I mentioned the tingling to the receptionist. She did not answer me; she just took my money. No one told me anything about vaccine reactions or what to do if they happened. I don't remember getting any information or signing a release form. If I did, it was a perfunctory task without any discussion about what to do if a reaction occurred. No blood tests were taken or ordered. Twenty minutes later, I was in my car heading home. Click on the link to read the complete story. [Years of difficulties not only from the side effects but difficulty getting the NVICP to pay for costs of care.]

HepABC, typhoid and other travel vaccines.

A few years ago we went on vacation to Bali.
As part of the trip we got injections for Hepatitis AB&C, along with typhoid etc.
A few months later I began getting swelling in my fingers in the tendons.
We went through a long process of diagnosis but could not find anything. No arthritis etc
Since then things have gotten worse.
I am tired all the time.
I sweat buckets through my head at night and have to change pillows because they are soaked.
My tendons in my hands are stiff and tingly.
[I have] problems sleeping because of all the above
[My] vision has deteriorated slightly but I am turning 60 this year so it may not be related.
If I drink alcohol the next day my hands are stiffer than normal ( I do not drink very often)


The letter as follows is re"garding the experience I had with the yellow fever immunization and the misinformation that is given to the general public.

The information below is an attempt to encourage medical practitioners in Australia to review and update their own personal understanding of yellow fever and other tropical diseases and even more so, better equip them in their teaching and medical care with the general public.

"Yellow Fever is a viral disease transmitted by the aedes mosquito and occurs in... the tropical region of South America..." as written in A HEALTH GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLERS .

Yes it did exist, but back in 1904 with the construction of the Panama Canal. Through the work of Dr. William Gorgas yellow fever was wiped out by the end of 1905.1 This disease together with malaria was eradicated. I have spoken with many groups (professional, local, ex-pat) people that have been born and raised in the country of Panama, and not one person has yet been able to declare knowing "anyone" who has had yellow fever in their lifetime. It is vital for the public to be aware of this information to help them in making an informed decision regards choosing to receive this vaccination.

The Health Guide then states,

"The 'yellow' is due to the severe jaundice caused by liver infection. This is very serious and can lead to death."

True, the 'yellow' is an obvious symptom of this disease and in untreated cases certainly death could result. The use of fear tactics here will most certainly have persuaded any reader at this point that the vaccination is essential.

"In unprotected individuals the death rate is greater than 50%." On reading this both the inexperienced and experienced persons would fear the worst and definitely not chance on going without this vaccination. Worse still many potential travellers might even cancel all plans of venturing into any South/Central American countries. An adventure, which for my family has proved to be a great experience.

In February 2004 I visited the travel doctor in Adelaide, South. Australia with my husband and two children, 9 years and 11 years old, prior to our trip to Panama, with the intention of returning to Australia at Christmas time. My first question in our consult was "Do we have to have this yellow fever vaccination?" I had already done a lot of research, spoken to various professional medical people also, but the resounding response was always "it’s a statutory requirement". So too speaking with the doctor the response was the same and the usual rote message of why it is so strongly recommended. Going against my better judgment I agreed to us all receiving this vaccination, particularly as is written "Travelers may be refused entry or detained in quarantine if proof of vaccination cannot be provided." For business and family reasons, this was a situation that we did not want to encounter.

Finally and most important were the repercussions of this vaccination. My 9 year old son, who was given a full adult dose of the vaccine (something I disputed at the time but according to The Who was the required dose!) reacted with a temperature of 40 degrees Celcius [104 F.] for two consecutive days and a similar response with my husband also. We got through this time but wearing very battered immune systems. In those final days of saying goodbye to family and friends my son once again, within 2 weeks of this first sickness, displayed glands swollen like a football. He returned to bed in fever. We were accustomed to very good health and so this situation was not one we were familiar with. At this point in time I spoke with the doctor who had administered the vaccine at the Adelaide Travel Clinic strongly suggesting that the prescribed adult dose for young children be revised. A child of less body weight than my son and of poor health would not have tolerated this medical abuse to the body.

I am now living in Panama and from an educated first hand experience can now see that this whole immunization saga was not necessary. It has taken both my son and husband time to get back on their feet again, and enjoy the good health that they are used to. I plead with all responsible health authorities to take notice of the information in this letter and provide the average intelligent person with a far more informed option in their decision-making.

In summary:

Review your literature available to the public and health professionals.

Address the protocol regards the dosage of vaccination that is given to all children.

ENDNOTE : I have just been informed personally by a well known Medical doctor and author of many books, that "there are no immunization requirements for Panama", as stated by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, MD.2

1. PANAMA'S CARIBBEAN TREASURE The San Lorenzo Protected Area Pg.19 By Leslie F. Larson

2. See

Vaccines: A descent into madness

Yellow Fever Vaccine [Followed by serious adverse effects.]
The alarm bell sounded less than 24 hours later, when I found my husband in our living room burning up with fever. We both instantly knew it was a reaction to the vaccination. My husband had been told to expect “flu like symptoms” but his fever was above 40 degrees (104 F) and his shivers were so violent that our big double bed rocked so much that things fell off the bedside table next to it. I kept the fever down to a bearable 38 degrees by plying my husband with Ibuprofen, but as soon as I didn’t, the fever shot up again.

Then the insomnia started. My husband who usually passes out the minute his head hits the pillow, could not sleep. He became irritable and irrational. He began to do things that I found very hard to put into a normal context – like the afternoon he decided to go and sit in the sunshine on our patio dressed in his thick winter coat, a huge woollen scarf, shorts and slippers because “he was going to sweat the fever out”.

My husband was hospitalized and his treating physician knew him very well having treated him for pneumonia two years earlier. We recently saw this doctor again and she went over the notes she wrote on his admission.

“Confused, animated and aggressive”, was how she described my husband’s mental state.

The morning after his admission it became even more obvious that something was terribly wrong with my gentle giant of a husband as he chased a doctor out of his hospital room apparently – or so my husband said – because he had been asking inappropriate questions.

My husband’s biochemistry results were abnormal. His liver enzymes were elevated and continued to head north over the coming days.

And the fever persisted. The doctors ran an abundance of tests, but there was nothing that could explain the high fever and the abnormal blood results – apart from the yellow fever vaccine.

Mentally he was disappearing into a place where it was becoming more and more difficult to follow him. He told me his electronic e-reader flew across the room. He started firing off crazy emails and he cried a lot.

He began thinking that he was the Messiah and explained to me how dear, departed friends would “buzz” him – that’s how he described the messages he said he received – to tell him what to do.

On April 28th 2011 – 13 days after my husband had the vaccination – the Greek doctors broke the fever using steroids, but by then he was so far gone mentally that he was transferred to a psychiatric clinic a few days later.

The psychiatrist diagnosed my husband with an “acute, organic psychosis” a condition which ended up haunting my husband more than a year after the vaccination. He has spent over 8 months in locked-up psychiatric wards and has suffered beyond belief.

Read the full story here.
Several stories of vaccine damage:

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