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Images Of Poliomyelitis

A Critique Of Scientific Literature

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Science A study on post-polio and environmental factors, also listed on PubMed (NIH), from which, the original document can be ordered. Malathion studies, rarely known to the public, are discussed here by Dr. Wayne Sinclair, M.D. Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (Immunology Board Certified), Vero Beach, Florida, with Richard W. Pressinger, M.Ed., Tampa, Florida. Malathion info. Malathion info. Malathion info. Toxicologist Dr. Simon's site. He has had the courage and knowledge to successfully testify against New York City's malathion spray programs. In the Green Party's charges against the city, it stated that "Mayor Guiliani was guilty of "flagrant disregard for the health and safety of New Yorkers and the environment", regarding the aerial spray campaign which began 9/3/99. The distinguished microbiologist Peter Duesberg (University of California at Berkeley) refutes dominant images of AIDS.  His criticism of AIDS has been endorsed by Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate, and hundreds of other notable intelligencia.  Duesberg assumes that dominant images of poliovirus are valid, nevertheless his writings are essential to the unravelling of disease images.

Stefan Lanka, Ph.D., molecular biochemist Lanka argues against dominant conceptions of AIDS, and the central tenents of viropathology.  He has been a featured speaker at H.E.A.L. meetings, worldwide. See,,and The Rodales have been promoting organic farming for many years. They demonstrated through comparative field studies on their 350 acre farm that organic farming is more productive than farms that use toxic chemicals. Chemical oriented farming out-produced organic farming only in the first few years -- before it had destroyed its eco-system. Professor Warren Porter's (Wisconsin University) research on the long-term effects of pesticides on physical and intellectual abilities.  It takes about 20 minutes to download this document. Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives, Christine Maggiore


The Wide Picture A comprehensive eco-site, which includes the "big picture."  Val Valerian is the webmaster, archivist, researcher, and a contributing author. Gary Null's website on health issues. A strong influence for the organic movement and the anti-pesticide movement. Includes information, from science to political options, regarding health, malathion, iatrogenic disease, and more. Raeto West's intellectual commentary and articles. The website of Nexus Magazine is published in Australia and provides a look behind the scene on the issues of health, science and politics. Duncan M. Roads is the editor. Information on mass poisoning programs: Aspartame, fluoridation, and pesticides.

Jon Whale Books A British site, a concise critique of dominant disease images.  Alternative views.

Well Within's Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, KVMR Broadcaster, Programmer, Investigative Reporter in Nevada City, CA. An energetic, uplifting site, ecologically in tune. Bookstore,Vaccine Dangers, etc.



NoSpray Coalition (New York) The group that sued the City of New York, in order to halt the spraying of 8 million New Yorkers with malathion from helicopters and trucks. [Discontinued website] The most produced neurotoxin in the world, MTBE, can be found in gasoline at levels of 11 to 15%. MTBE is being phased-out and banned nationwide, after having been increased in gasoline as of January, 1995, and recommended for phase out and ban by the EPA at the height of the West Nile Virus Epidemic, July 26, 1999. This was the apex of the wildlife epidemic and the recognized beginning of the human epidemic. Official ban targeted to go into effect 2004 in NYS. Lynn Gannet, AIDS researcher and activist: "On behalf of the International Coalition to End AIDS Censorship (ICEAC), we are requesting that everyone go to the following webpage and sign this on-line petition in support of South African President Thabo Mbeki: " The Green Party of New Jersey, an informative article on malathion spray programs. Novartis (Ciba-Geigy+Sandoz) is described as the driving corporate force behind malathion. Informative article entitled "Lawn Care Time". Find your nearest regional Green Party though this site, as well as the Green Party of New Jersey homepage.

Call The Congressional Switchboard at (202) 225-3121 or (202) 224-3121 for contact info for any senator or representative. Email addresses for Senators and Congressmen.

The League of Women Voters: They have a site (sorry, haven't looked for it yet) with links to other regions. Or call (212) 674-8484 for representative contact information in New York.

The New York Times via, New York One (Ch. 1) via Apparently these are dead letter zones, but it is good to keep them in touch -- they may feel obliged to occasionally 'reflect' some measure of public opinion in their articles and shows.


Health Organizations The International Advocates For Health Freedom Also call (800) 333-2553. Homeopathist, Daniel H. Duffy, Sr., and a clan of beneficial medical expertise.


Non-toxic Pest Control Non-toxic pesticides. Good source with info, letters, testimonials, memorial to pesticide victims, links, etc.\par A non-toxic device that targets only mosquitoes. A non-DEET mosquito repellent. People vs Pests website. Symbio's Non-Toxic Pest Management Index (Toxic included, however). A list of bugs and non-toxic controls. A Canadian site that straddles the fence between non-toxic and toxic insect solutions. Non-toxic pesticides. Organic alternatives to traditional pesticides. Organic gardening articles and magazines. "Least toxic" garden pest control. Natural garden products. Diatomaceous earth, orange peel extract based insecticide. Non-toxic pest control, sell insect and bird repellants.


Eco-Products Water filtration products. Water filtration products. Natural kitchen appliances, such as, soy-milk machine, blender, flour mills, etc.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores sell air filters, shower filters, water filters, blenders, food processors, etc.


Organic Food

Living Tree Community Foods: and their email: Arne Anderson. Grow and sell organic nuts, figs, etc. and their email:



See the Salk Vaccination page for a long list.


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