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Before you contact us, please note the links to the web pages listed below:

To Contact Vaccination Liberation:
OR, If you have questions about exemptions:
Email: Ingri CC: Dewey

Links to Exemption Law, Exemption Forms and Information:
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People willing to help with vaccination and exemption related questions:
Listed by U.S. States
Also Australia, Canada, France, U.S. Military

States in Bold UPPERCASE have a Vaccination Liberation State Chapter
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If you did not find the state you are looking for, try the NVIC State Vaccine Choice Advocacy page.

If you did not find the country you are looking for, then the archived info for other countries may help:
Seasilver 2004

We are a volunteer organization, email contact is preferred:
Please read the appropriate page to answer your questions:

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Ingri Cassel, President
Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869-0457
Emergencies only: 208-255-2307

"Free Your Mind....From The Vaccine Paradigm"

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