ATLANTA (OCTOBER 11, 2018) — A sudden and exclusive exodus of vaccine-supporting panelists from the “One Conversation” event casts a spotlight on how the medical profession refuses to respectfully engage and explain its position on vaccines to the public, and puts pressure on those who try, say the event’s organizers.

“So-called ‘settled science’ claims vaccines are safe, effective and necessary 100% of the time. There is increasing scientific evidence showing this is demonstratively not true, which is why there is so much controversy and a clampdown on conversation when adults want a serious vaccines discussion,” says Dr. Shannon Kroner, co-organizer of One Conversation. “We decided to use the censorship as best we could to draw attention to what the public is up against in the way of propaganda and communications warfare.”

“The event has been changed to ‘One Conversation - SILENCED!’” Britney Valas, co-organizer of One Conversation says, “because pressure from pharmaceutical and other interests pushed all the pro-vaccine voices out.”

“We set up an informational event, Q&As and scientific and medical questions, from a cross-section of people, all cordially invited to participate in a respectful event to clarify questions among a diverse panel of experts,” says Dr. Kroner. “We wanted a diversity of perspectives, but that’s been sadly lost due to the anxiety of engaging in this apparently dangerous topic.”

The organizers emphasize that they see their speakers as victims, not villains--good people who want to engage with the public but are being attacked by elitists who feel the public do not deserve or warrant a free and open conversation about public immunization and disease.

According to Ms. Valas, “‘One Conversation’ sprung organically as a progressive public platform where the exchange of concerns, facts and explanations would provide a way for doctors and scientists from around the world to discuss mass immunization with the public, medical students, pharmacy students and amongst themselves. September 1st, 2018, the event’s official panel was complete and locked down, balanced with a spectrum of MDs and PhDs who represented a myriad of perspectives related to topics of ‘Public Health and Immunity.’”

Dr. Kroner and Ms. Valas assert that outside pressures and coercive measures taken from national medical organizations—the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)—and medical professional peer and social media pressure, impelled all committed panelists who supported mass vaccination to withdraw, including: a Vaccinologist; Neuroscientist; OBGYN Oncologist; Infectious Disease MD; Neurologist; Professor of Radiation Oncology; and a Molecular Virologist.

“The goals of discovery and exploration for the “One Conversation” event, as well as full disclosure of the panel, were communicated clearly and transparently prior to each panelists’ confirmation and every subsequent commitment was secured,” Dr. Kroner states. “We have been told and seen correspondence that confirms multiple pressure points from a variety of people and organizations to smother free speech and transparent communication.”

Through planning the “One Conversation” event, Dr. Kroner and Ms. Valas discovered evidence of scientific suppression at its most insidious.

“Bullying and intimidation tactics are evident and commonplace in medicine, the most trusted and respected profession in the world,” says Ms. Valas. “Slander, similar ‘scripted’ sounding responses, ugly and unprofessional blogs from medical professionals, we found all that and more as panelists were driven from the event.”

Dr. Kroner and Ms. Valas have documented the “scripted responses” which were continuously repeated, including a specific manual describing at length the “media training” policies and procedures set forth by the World Health Organization which are recommended to any medical or scientific professional prior to appearing publicly as a spokesperson speaking on vaccines. Blogs and social media encouraged others to “personally contact aforementioned panelists in an effort to derail such an event.”

“We have observed repeated instances when the medical establishment prevents honest communication and clarification surrounding vaccinations,” says Ms. Valas. “They deliver these pronouncements and reports, but then refuse to address studies and science that show they’re wrong.”

All media, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, and the general public are cordially invited to discover what is the “One Conversation - SILENCED!”  Learn recent scientific discoveries and information on a wide array of Public Health and Immunity questions. Discover the history of vaccines, their ingredients, the potential side effects acknowledged by the vaccine makers and the government themselves, and the financial aspects of the vaccination program.

Why and how are respected medical doctors and scientists not permitted to participate in a conversation addressing questions from the general public in a public event? “One Conversation - SILENCED!” will show just how explosive new scientific studies are to the entrenched medical system and pharmaceutical industry. “The Science Is Settled.” Or is it?






“One Conversation” is proud to share its prestigious list of current and confirmed featured panelists, highly degreed and decorated professionals, including:

The event will be moderated by 106.7 FM Atlanta Talk Show Host, Shelley Wynter.



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