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Julie Gerberding admits on CNN that Vaccines cause autism

CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism

The Audio on the CNN clip is rather low. Also, some of the text messages go by rather fast. Susan Pearce of Wyoming Vaccination Liberation has put together an audio tape with comments and reading the slides. Links to MP3 files are below and the text of the slides is offered with several still frames to help you better understand this fine CNN YouTube clip.

Additional information may be found at:

Audio Clip: by Susan Pearce:
Julie Gerberding admits on CNN that Vaccines cause autism
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In April of 2007 Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC, told a Senate appropriations subcommittee the following:

"CDC recognizes that parents want answers"

We share their frustration at not having more answers about the causes and possible cure."

She described the issues surrounding autism today as "Urgent".
source: Jeff Nesmith, Atlanta Journal Constitution, April 18th, 2007

Dr. Gupta's first question: Does Hannah have autism?

HHS conceded the Poling Case in November of 2007.    5 months before this interview.

The Polings held a press conference carried live on CNN March 6th, 2008
3 weeks before this interview.

Yet Dr. Gerberding has not taken the time to read the Poling case.

She cannot even tell us whether or not Hannah Poling has autism.

When one is "frustrated" with an "urgent" epidemic, one does not wait half a year to look into possible causes.

For the record, Hannah Poling has Autism
source: Journal of Child Neurology, Vol. 21, No. 2, 170-172 (2006)

Dr. Gerberding never answers Dr. Gupta's second question:

What is the difference between "autism" and "autism-like symptoms"?

There is NO distinction. If one has the symptoms of autism, they have autism.

On March 11th, two weeks before this interview, a CDC vaccine safety agency held a conference call on this topic.

One researcher shared the results of his yet unpublished five year study of 30 children with autism.

The biochemistry of 30 children was studied intensively and, in each case, the results showed the same abnormalities as Hannah.

Each child had moderate elevations or imbalances in the exact same amino acids and liver enzymes as Hannah Poling".

They estimated that:.
  • Up to 1 in 50 (2%) may have a genetic mutation that puts them at risk for mitochondrial dysfunction.

  • Up to 20% of all children with autism may have an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction

  • "It's not rare." - participant in the conference call

    source: David Kirby
    The Next Big Autism Bomb, Are 1 in 50 Kids At Risk?
    Huffington Post
    March 26, 2008

    Kirby made this information public three days before Dr. Gerberding gave this interview to CNN

    Now watch as Dr. Gerberding explains the association between vaccines and autism.

    Mitochondrial dysfunction + Vaccine-induced fever (or "other complications") = Autism-like symptoms

    For more than two decades, parents have been reporting that, after being vaccinated, their child spiked a fever...

    ...and exhibited "other complications" including inconsolable crying, extreme lethargy,m seizures, bowel problems and more...

    ... and then their child regressed into autism.

    When parents said that they believed there was a link, they were called, emotional, desperate, scientifically illiterate...

    and "looking for someone to blame".

    Dr. Gerberding has just told them they were most likely right all along.

    Didn't he hear her?
    She just said it did in kids with mitochondrial disorders!

    So there you have it: Vaccines are linked to autism in the presence of mitochondrial disorders.

    List of references shown in movie clip.
    What is she talking about?!
    She just explained the association between vaccines and autism!

    Incidentally, the IOM "no association" conclusion was made in 2004, before we knew that mitochondrial dysfunction was involved
    ...and before any of these were published:

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    CDC currently estimates the risk of this predisposition at up to 1 in 50 children.
    A 2% chance of life-long neurological impairment is a very high risk.

    Note the misdirection away from the vaccine connection
    ...and that she does not direct us toward any other promising theories that are being neglected.

    Keep in mind: Almost all autism research, going back decades, has focused on genetic causes ...and yielded no applicable results.

    Where exactly is she "looking and looking"?

    There is so much information out there on the vaccine/autism story that parents who follow it weekly can't keep up with it.

    But should we be surprised that she can't "turn up" this information?

    Her idea of "looking and looking" is waiting indefinitely to even read the Poling case file.

    Should the government be doing more to address this controversy? The government hasn't done anything!

    Then why hasn't CDC done the study of autism rates in both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations like the Amish...

    ...that the FDA charged them with doing in 1983?

    Here she is inferring that there has been no true increase in autism, only an increase in the recognition of autism.

    ...thereby uncoupling the rise in autism rates from the rise in the number of vaccines given to children.

    Stop for a moment and think about the autistic children in your life.

    In the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, did you know anyone like them?

    If Dr. Gerberding is right, you should have known just as many then as you do now, with the same severity of autistic symptoms.

    Julie Gerberding:
    vaccines are linked to autism and not linked to autism.

    The double-speak coming from Dr. Gerberding is both ridiculous and unacceptable.

    Here testimony claiming that CDC was as frustrated as parents were, and that she considered the autism epidemic 'urgent', was clearly false.

    It is time for Julie Gerberding to actually read the Hannah poling case files, and the other Vaccine Court autism cases.

    ...and to be brought before the U.S. Congress to explain these conflicting statements and the actions and inactions of her agency.

    Call your congressperson today and demand hearings into the autism cases in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

    Ending slide for source: