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To Whom it May Concern:

The administration of vaccines of any kind conflicts with my strongly held religious, moral, and philosophical beliefs.

The use of cells, cellular debris, protein, and DNA from willfully aborted human children found in Adenovirus, Polio, Dtap/Polio/HiB Combo, Hep A, Hep A/Hep B Combo, MMR, MMRV Pro Quad, Rabies, Varicella, and the Shingles vaccines violate the very basic commands found in Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:15 which instructs us to not murder. I have strong religious, moral, and philosophical convictions which find the development of modern vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines morally reprehensible and declare it a practice I cannot condone, support, or in any way participate in.

The following ingredients were derived from no fewer than 107 human souls who were sacrificed for social reasons and then used in past and ongoing vaccine research: PER C6, HEK293, WI-38 (RA 27/3), WI-1, WI-2, WI-3, WI-4, WI-5, WI-6, WI-7, WI-8, WI-9, WI-10, WI-11, WI-12, WI-13, WI-14, WI-15, WI-16, WI-17, WI-18, WI-19, WI-20, WI-21, WI-22, WI-23, WI-24, WI-25, WI-26, WI-27, WI-38, WI-44, and MCR-5 plus many other ingredients obtained from human children not required to be listed by FDA guidelines.

Supporting vaccinations and vaccination developments is an endorsement of the sacrifice of those, and the continuing sacrifice of, other human souls.

Genesis 4:1, 17 and Jeremiah 1:5 demonstrate that the deceased children used in the aforementioned vaccinations were recognized by God as human souls from the point of conception in the same way that I, as a parent, recognized each of my children as a human from the moment I was aware of her presence in my womb.

Genesis 1:27 - 28, 4:1, 2 Kings 17:17-18, Psalm 22:10-11, 106: 35, 37-38, 113:7-9, 127:3, 139:13-16, Amos 1:13, Matthew 18:1-4, and Matthew 19:13-15 are just a few verses that illustrate the aforementioned children as blessings from God that are valued and loved by him, their Creator, in whose image they were created, and that their killing is condemned and causes God's destructive anger to burn against their murderers and those complicit in those murders.

Exodus 20:13, Leviticus 18:21 & 20:2-5, Deuteronomy 5:13, 12:30-32, 18:10, 2 Kings 16:3, and Psalm 106:38 illustrate that all child sacrifice is condemned with no exception clauses allowing for the greater good or public exception clauses found anywhere in the sacred scriptures.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and 10:31 remind us that we are to regard our bodies as temples of God's Holy Spirit and that we are to honor God, our Creator and possessor of our very bodies by not defiling them.

Notwithstanding the presence of socially sacrificed human cells and debris in vaccinations, I firmly believe that the presence of neurotoxins, hazardous substances, attenuated viruses, animal cells, foreign DNA, albumin from human blood, carcinogens, and chemical wastes is in strict violation of our imperative to treat our bodies as holy temples of the very Spirit of God.

Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 17:10-11, 17:14, Deuteronomy 12:23, Acts 15:20 and 29 inform us that blood represents the life force of human and animal species and that human blood was to be kept pure under all circumstances and free from contaminants such as animal cells, parts, and blood.

In direct contrast to God’s commands, documents from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website and the individual vaccine inserts published by the manufacturer reveal:

• Vaccines contain monkey, dog, cow, mouse, chicken, and insect DNA, and this has never been tested for safety or adverse effects on humans.
• Vaccines contain DNA from aborted human fetuses, and this has also never been tested for safety or adverse effects on humans.
• Vaccines contain numerous potential allergens including, but not limited to, antibiotics (such as streptomycin, neomycin, polymyxin B, gentamicin sulfate), food allergens (egg, chicken, soy, peanuts, casein from cow’s milk, gelatin from pigs and cows), fetal bovine serum (from the blood derived from the fetuses of cows found pregnant at slaughter), mercury (still used in flu vaccines), latex, yeast, and monosodium glutamate (MSG).
• Vaccines contain toxic, poisonous, and carcinogenic substances including, but not limited to, acetone, aluminum, formaldehyde, alcohol, phthalates, food dyes (FD&C Yellow #6), and preservatives (sodium metabisulfite, phenoxyethanol).
• Vaccines contain neurotoxins such as aluminum and thimerosol that far exceed the safe levels determined by the FDA.
• Additionally, getting any vaccine does not ensure that I would be protected from the disease, and in fact, I could get the very disease I was vaccinated for either in spite of or directly because of the vaccine.
• Furthermore, with many vaccines (including the MMR which contains live viruses), I could actually be a silent carrier of the disease I was vaccinated for and would spread it to others, including my own children, via shedding for up to six weeks.

Continuing my obedience to God’s laws about the purity of my body and the sanctity of human life, I have a strong religious, moral, and philosophical objections to vaccines because of the following:
• The pharmaceutical companies who make vaccines have NO liability, and it has been that way since 1989 when there was a landslide of vaccine lawsuits.
• Patients pay a $0.75 Federal Excise Tax per vaccine, and this money is used to pay vaccine-injured families. Since the first National Vaccine Injury Compensation (VICP) claims were filed in 1989, more than $3 billion in compensation awards has been paid to petitioners and more than $120 million has been paid to cover attorneys’ fees and other legal costs.
• The current vaccine schedule has never been tested on children or adults. Vaccines can cause serious injury or death to any person, and I could be one of them. If I die from this vaccine, then after years of legal actions, my children may be awarded, at most, no more than $250,000 by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation board. This is not enough to replace my presence in their life or to provide for them for the remainder of their childhood.
• Doctors receive no training on the actual substances in and actual content of vaccines – only instructions on the administration of the drugs and the schedule to follow.
• Doctors get monetarily rewarded for having a high percentage of patients who are fully vaccinated. This is in direct conflict with the good of individual patients and their physician’s oath to first, do no harm.
• If anyone is injured by a vaccine, the doctor would have to spend an exorbitant number of hours filling out paperwork in order to report it to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which is the only way to officially report a vaccine injury.
• Doctors have no incentive to fill out paperwork to report a vaccine injury because it negatively effects their practice and their pocketbook.
• Vaccine injury is under-reported or dismissed by doctors telling parents that seizures and other side effects are a normal part of childhood - they're not.
• Pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to make their product better, and, in fact, more and more aborted fetal cells are being gathered now to create more vaccines.
• Pharmaceutical companies spend up to 4 times more on advertising than they do on research. • Corporate media gets 70% of their advertising revenue from pharmaceutical companies.
• When pharmaceutical companies conduct their own studies (on their own product), it is in their best interests to declare a favorable outcome, so their research is slanted that way.
• The CDC has made an agreement with the vaccine creators that they will pass each new vaccine based on "good faith." If a vaccine is tested for safety at all, it is done briefly and only on animals; the only human testing is done on our children and ourselves as the vaccines are administered.
• Scientists make medical mistakes all the time. (Think the thalidomide birth-defects disaster and the way tobacco was promoted as healthy for so many years, just to name two.) God does not want me to play Russian roulette with my body on the off-chance that I might get a mildly annoying minor inconvenience like measles vs. risking a much more likely permanent injury, impairment, or death from the vaccines.
• For many diseases, such as measles, more people die or are seriously injured each year by the vaccine than by the illness itself.
• When a disease like chicken pox is caught naturally, it is overcome by God’s natural bodily defenses, and immunity is complete and permanent.
• With vaccines, immunity is temporary at best, and the toxic substances and foreign DNA leave the body weaker and at more risk for not only that disease at a later date, but many other illnesses and weaknesses as well.
• Research shows clearly that improved sanitation, hygiene, food preparation, and waste disposal have done more to eradicate disease than vaccines ever did. When bodies are kept clean and well-cared for, God’s plan of natural immunity is the best way to prevent and beat almost all illnesses.
• Up until the proposed vaccine injections, I have not been, and may never be, exposed to these diseases, and, therefore, I have no need to be injected with these potentially deadly substances.

There are currently no laws, either state or federal, requiring mandatory vaccines beyond the high school level. No college or university can pretend that its own arbitrary rules on matters of religious or medical freedom will have the force of law for their employees and students. I will not receive any vaccines at any time, on school grounds or anywhere else so designated by your staff or employees. There is no law requiring permission by a medical doctor for such an exercise of medical freedom by any adult in the U.S. at this time. Therefore, no other forms are required in this matter.


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