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A lecture Susan Pearce wrote and delivered
at the Sheridan Holistic Health Fair
on Friday, August 20, 2004.

How many of you feel that you know all you need to, in order to make an intelligent decision about vaccinating yourself or your child? When I was raising my four sons, I felt I knew all I needed to know, and I was sure that everything else was known by the doctors and nurses. Six years ago, I had to do my own research in order to make a vaccination decision about my third son. I wish I had a nickel for every time I have wished I had known what I know now, back when I started my family.

Wyoming Vaccine Information Network is a statewide information/support group that was founded by Jacque Jones, of Buffalo, and me. It is dedicated to giving needed information on vaccination that is not generally known. The information my partner and I have gathered in the last six years is pretty extensive. Most of it is unknown to most people, but is needed in order to make an intelligent decision about whether or not to vaccinate. Our statewide vaccine group meets eight or nine months a year, twice a month in Sheridan and once a month in Buffalo. Our meetings are held in a series of four, with a different topic for each meeting.

We are also intent upon ensuring our rights to say no to vaccination. We have been very involved on a state level, working with the state legislature to not only maintain our right to choice in vaccination, but to establish our right to choice in type of medical treatment, whether a person wants mainstream or alternative treatment.

While I am talking to you today about these four meeting topics, during my talk about the second meeting topic, I will dwell quite a bit on a very important issue — that of vaccination being one of the causes of several serious social problems of our day, one of the main ones being violence.

Why do we vaccinate? At our first vaccine meeting in the series, we talk about the reason people want vaccines. We talk about the differences between propaganda and education. Before people can make an intelligent decision they need to know both the why and the why not. People need to recognize industry-created propaganda when they encounter it.

The vaccine manufacturers use fear to sell vaccines. We have been taught, by the medical community, schools, and advertising, that in order to have a society free of disease, we must artificially "immunize" ourselves.

Vaccines are man's attempt to trick the body into "thinking" it has successfully encountered and defeated a disease. The antibodies created by vaccination are thought by the body to be a sign that the person has had and conquered the disease. Therefore, when the disease is encountered in the future, the antibodies go to work and fight the antigens, either causing the person to not get symptoms at all or to have only a mild case.

I wish it were that simple. What makes man think he can mess with his immune system and get away with it? As Isaac Golden said, "To someone whose god is science, vaccination makes sense. But to someone whose god is God, it is appalling."

Why did he say that? Why do I think that messing with our immune system is a mistake? Why did I once think God helped man figure out or invent vaccination, but now think vaccination does much more harm than good?

Those questions bring us to topic #2 of our series of meeting topics: Are vaccines really safe and effective?

This topic would take hours to discuss. Dr. Sheri Tenpenny made a two-hour video that does an excellent job of opening people's eyes. She neatly covers several of the major reasons that so many are becoming skeptical. Her video is called Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal. You may borrow the video from our lending library.

SV40 in polio vaccine is a topic that has been studied off and on for over forty years. When it was first discovered, scientists feared they might have inoculated tens of millions of Americans with a cancer-causing virus. After simple "studies," their fears were laid aside, thinking that though this virus in the polio vaccines would cause cancer in animals, it wouldn't be dangerous in humans.

Three decades later, a researcher named Michele Carbone started serious studies. He continues to this day to find that the fears of the researchers in the late 1950s and early 1960s were well-founded. SV40 is very carcinogenic, likely a factor in several cancers, including mesothelioma, bone cancer, and brain tumors. Mesothelioma is a rare form of carcinoma of the mesothelium lining lungs or abdomen or heart; usually associated with exposure to asbestos dust.

Thimerosal in vaccines has received a lot of press since 1999. Containing nearly 50% mercury, it has been used in vaccines as a preservative since the 1930s. Finally in 1999, a recommendation was handed down from the U.S. Public Health Service, and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, calling for the removal of thimerosal from vaccines in the United States. There are disturbing reports of its inclusion, even now, in vaccines being used by children, infants, and pregnant women. Please keep in mind that even minute amounts of this heavy metal are harmful.

I will talk now about another fascinating aspect of the dangers of vaccination.

Harris Coulter, PhD, wrote a book called Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain. In it, he hypothesized that the major reason for the increase in violent crime in the U.S. is the childhood vaccination program.

He said,

Physicians have always known that encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, ...can be caused by traumatic injury to the head, a severe burn, infectious illnesses such as measles, mumps, German measles, chicken pox, or whooping cough, and — last but not least — the vaccines against these same diseases: 'post-vaccinal encephalitis.'

Coulter talked about encephalitis having physical, neurologic, mental, and emotional symptoms. A variety of syndromes can occur because any portion of the nervous system can be affected.

A 1942 paper discussed in Coulter's book says that after a person recovers from encephalitis resulting from whooping cough, or pertussis, the person can have motor and personality handicaps. Many times, small hemorrhages have occurred, or there have been inflammatory processes. The conclusion, in this 1942 paper, was that encephalitis could result in almost any possible motor, intellectual, epiliptoid and personality deviation and combinations of them.

A Swedish researcher in 1953 reported that pertussis can result in many different kinds of damage, that isn't confined to any particular region of the brain.

The reason I mention those cases of brain damage is that Coulter wrote that encephalitis following vaccination produces the same varying range of disabilities. He said that atypical cases could mimic polio, viral encephalitis, meningitis, or almost any acute nervous system disease.

Probably the most dangerous of all the vaccines against childhood diseases today, at least at the time of the writing of Coulter's book, 1990, is the one against pertussis (whooping cough).

The 1986 Connaught [Con' ot] Laboratories package insert for the pertussis vaccine listed at least 24 adverse reactions. A few were: fever, pain, drowsiness, anorexia, rash, allergic reactions, respiratory difficulties, including apnea (breath-holding). Moderate to severe symptoms included 105° F. or higher temperature, persistent, inconsolable crying lasting three or more hours, unusual high-pitched screaming, collapse, convulsions. More severe: prolonged convulsion or an encephalopathy, occasionally fatal. Rare reactions included an anaphylactic reaction (i.e., hives, swelling of the mouth, difficulty breathing, shock, and hypotension, which is low blood pressure). The package insert says, and I quote, "Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has occurred in infants following administration of DPT." Infantile spasms occur in infants who have recently received DPT or DT. [Those adverse events were listed in the package insert.]

Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher's 1985 book DPT: A Shot in the Dark described the following typical acute reactions to DPT vaccination: excessive sleepiness, ear infection, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms, vomiting, cough, seizures, loss of muscle control, and headaches, among other reactions.

Whenever you have a vaccine causing neurologic damage, you're getting damage to the nervous system. That can be either the central or the peripheral nervous system. Central would include the brain and spinal cord. Peripheral involves nerves in the rest of the body.

Examples of neurologic involvement include seizures, mental retardation, muscular disorders, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, and a tendency to left-handedness. Weakness of the eyes, ears, and voice are results of damage to the cranial nerves. Also caused by cranial nerve damage is weakness of the respiratory system, which Coulter states is responsible for the cases of 'sudden infant death' that follow vaccination.

Some of Coulter's most disturbing statements are that there are not only physical manifestations of post-encephalitic syndrome. There are also intellectual and moral manifestations. Even those people who have only been mildly affected many times exhibit the following symptoms: anxiety, paranoia, impatience with criticism, rage, suicidal impulses, impulsiveness, alienation, egotism, ego weakness, narcissism, or erotic self-love, and emotional instability.

People who are post-encephalitic have fragmented thinking and have weak memories, resulting in inability to think rationally and a lack of common sense.

Post-encephalitic individuals often compensate with aggression, hypersexuality, homosexuality, alcohol or drug abuse, and suicide. Coulter states that these behaviors are probably direct manifestations of the underlying neurologic weakness.

The epidemic of violent crime in the United States is the consequence of aggression, rage, premature sexuality, and drug and alcohol abuse. Although Cou